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FAQ: 12/18/16 - 16:10:32 Posted By: Jack Deth
Hating to idea of paying for cable, when the basic package should be free with its limited selection... I go for free television.

there are many methods to get yourself some great free TV... the first one I recommend everyone try before the others is free HDTV OTA!!!

remember your grandpas old antenna? well they're back!!!

Heres a list of the channels in the GTA Area... I get most of these at my place!!!

Over the Air Channels
Not All Channels available in all areas

  • 2.1 WGRZ-DT NBC Buffalo, NY
  • 2.2 WGRZ-DT JT Buffalo, NY
  • 2.3 WGRZ-DT AT Buffalo NY
  • 4.1 WIVB-DT CBS Buffalo, NY
  • 5.1 CBLT-DT CBC Toronto, ON
  • 7.1 WKBW-DT ABC Buffalo, NY
  • 7.2 WKBW-DT LAFF Buffalo, NY
  • 7.3 WKBW-DT ESCAPE Buffalo, NY
  • 9.1 CFTO-DT CTV Toronto, ON
  • 11.1 CHCH-DT CH Hamilton, ON
  • 17.1 WNED-DT PBS-HD Buffalo, NY
  • 17.3 WNED-DT Create Buffalo, NY
  • 19.1 CICA-HD TVO Toronto, ON
  • 23.1 WNLO-DT CW Buffalo, NY
  • 23.2 WNLO-DT Bounce Buffalo NY
  • 25.1 CBLFT-DT CBC Toronto, ON
  • 29.1 WUTV-DT FOX-HD Buffalo, NY
  • 29.2 WUTV-DT TCN Buffalo, NY
  • 29.3 WUTV-DT GRIT Buffalo, NY
  • 36.1 CITS-DT YESTV Hamilton, ON
  • 40.1 CFMT-DT OMNI 2 Toronto, ON
  • 41.1 CIII-DT GLOBAL Toronto, ON
  • 47.1 CJMT-DT OMNI 1 Toronto, ON
  • 49.1 WNYO-DT MyTV Buffalo, NY
  • 49.2 WNYO-DT ASN Buffalo, NY
  • 49.3 WNYO-DT CometTv Buffalo NY
  • 49.4 WNYO-DT GetTv Buffalo NY
  • 51.1 ION Television Batavia NY (sometimes)
  • 57.1 CITY-DT CITY Toronto, ON

While each Digital channel is broadcast separately using the individual stations own equipment, some channels might pixelate during certain weather conditions or atmospheric temperatures changes...

My personal experience is that I know when there's a storm rolling in on lake Ontario... cause that's when my buffalo stations go wonky...

got more channels than this list?
have something to share? let us know your experience with OTA in the comments!!!

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