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Running Low on Hard Drive Space?
Announcements: 07/22/12 - 21:50:59 Posted By: Jack Deth

Ever wonder where all the space on your hard drive went? I know I do... finding out 49% of my 500GB drive was filled with assorted files in my downloads folder was useful... finding out which ones took up the most space so I could free it up quickly was perfect...

Looking for a program I remember using years ago on Windows XP I once again came across this little gem for my Win 7 system...

WinDirStat is the name of this Open Source App...

WinDirStat is a disk usage statistics viewer and cleanup tool for various versions of Microsoft Windows.

On start up, it reads the whole directory tree once and then presents it in three useful views:

The directory list, which resembles the tree view of the Windows Explorer but is sorted by file/subtree size,
The treemap, which shows the whole contents of the directory tree straight away,
The extension list, which serves as a legend and shows statistics about the file types.

While there are known speed issues with the generation of the map and data, the community still pushes on with this program with what looks like a concerted effort to continue updating this program. While some look at the fact there have been no releases since 2005 as an issue, the fact the program still runs fine, and the team seems to be growing for the next update, as well as the re-release of the last version for language purposes shows this old dog still has some life in her.

Check out WinDirStat and see where your free space has gone today!!!


Check out the Blog to keep up with the chatter from the Dev Team behind this app as well. http://blog.windirstat.info/

For those of you not so sure there's something new going on with this old app, check out the new Icons being worked on for the project!!!

There was some talk on the blog about integrating in some new mapping technology from another open source mind mapping app... would like to see the options available and the outcome!!!

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