Web-APP Issue with Updated Perl.
Written on 07/04/19 at 13:18:31 EST by Jack Deth
My hosting upgraded the linux running on the shared server I use.

This is a part of the update details.

Perl version change (from 5.18.4 to 5.26)

Ubuntu Bionic includes a new version of Perl, 5.26. Among the many changes, this update removes the current directory (".") from @INC for security reasons. You can read about this in more detail here.

For more information on updating your version of Perl, visit the following article:

    Change documentation between 5.24 and 5.26

Due to this change, this web-app site stopped working.

Editing index.cgi by changing the call for config.pl adding in a simple ./ before the name in order to set the directory as current got the site back up and running.

So, going forward this may be an issue with future server upgrades and Web-APP usability.

I hope this small fix helps keep your site up and running.

This is also why it is best to continue new development using the Web-APP.net version and continuing that strain of Web-APP going forward.

All sites running the latest .NET code have this already in place.

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 Re: Web-APP Issue with Updated Perl.
Written on 12/06/19 at 14:04:33 EST by Jack Deth
Once the above changes were made one could access their website once again...

further changes are required to access the admin section.

it seems additional encryption was added back in 2015.  The quick fix to access your admin back end again was to comment out the code in cgi-lib/admin.pl
lines 37560 - 3769

#   else {
#      $cryptedpass = crypt($input{'passwrd1'}, substr($input{'username'}, 0, 2));
#      use Babel;
#      $y = new Babel;
#      $passwrd = $y->encode($cryptedpass, "$input{'passwrd1'}");
#      }

commenting this out and I once again have access to the admin section.

Further investigation into why this code breaks the system would be useful to see if re-implementation is worthwhile.

Meanwhile I now have access back and will continue using this site.

I believe the reason the site breaks here is because the call to Babel is not a direct call and with updates to Perl breaking direct access calls to modules and the likes this was the issue.
changing the code to call the module directly may add back in the encryption Carter added and still work properly.

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